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Elaboration: Why I really started this blog.

I've never experienced a calling before. Now don't get deterred yet, let me explain. About a year and a half ago, I was on my couch studying for one of my many medical school exams when I got side tracked on Pinterest. I'm honestly not sure what I was looking at, but naturally I started to look at a lot. I ran across a blogger whose story really touched me and she was encouraging others to share their story via blogs too. I have always judged blogging, too harshly honestly. But my thoughts were: Who do you think you are to post your opinions publicly and really think people care?

Here I am, I'm totally one of those people now. I have a blog, wahoo! Please say that last part with a sarcastic tone. I'm sure more details will come to light, but the short and sweet version is- God told me to. I know, I know, it sounds crazy and radical and silly it sounds all those things and more, but its true. Trust me, I hate it more than you do.

I am a Christian, this blog will discuss my faith among other things, such as: medical school, cycling, triathlons, red dogs, health, cooking, and me questioning why the world is the way it is. If none of those things appeal to you by all means go read something else, I am not offended. Secretly, my hopes are becoming a newfound comedian, a pro athlete, or a ScarJo double- but if you don't endorse my talent as a blogger, by no means do I want to be another annoyingly famous person for no reason.

When I first publicized the idea of starting a blog, people asked me what I would write about. I honestly wanted to know what they thought my answer would be. I never asked, but I've come up with some ideas:

1. A new trilogy series - a combination of LOR, Harry Potter, and Twilight- just what the world needs.

2. My goals on becoming another Instagram butt model. ( I seriously did not know that was a thing until about a month ago.)

3. My personal life to the point where I'm trying to make it a reality tv show- come on MTV, you want me!

None of those things will be this blog, or maybe they will. (Not the butt thing- they do too many squats for me -- and I'm a cyclist!) All I can say is God started a fire in me to do this and I'm done finding excuses not to. I'm also done being afraid of what the world or even myself thinks. Thats it, thats the theme - I'm done being afraid!

No more fear, let the adventure begin. #howesyourday


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